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Posted November 13, 2011 by

ZombiesDrule Thinks

Woke Up DeadWhen Woke Up Dead appeared on Netflix we thought, “Whoop! This has to be good! It’s got that guy from ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ in it”. We grabbed a couple of beers, sat down, pushed play and laughed….twice. Yep twice. In fact it took all the strength we could muster to get through the next 90 minutes.
The problem was Woke Up Dead started as a web series produced and starring Jon Heder (the guy from the Napoleon Dynamite) and was then strung together and turned into a “movie”. This gives us 90 minutes of footage with 30 minutes (we’re guessing) of flash backs to things we just saw not more then 2 minutes ago. To make things worse, they canceled Woke Up Dead after only one series, meaning the movie doesn’t have an ending – it just stops! Seeing as the tag line is “The adventures of a reluctant zombie” it would have at least been cool if the zombie character looked like a zombie, but he does not.

So should we tell you what it’s about?

OK then, it’s the story of a run of the mill loser called Drex Greene. He takes a pill from a stranger that he meets and the next day he wakes up dead after ‘drowning’ in his bathtub. With the help of his roommate, Matt, and a medical student Cassie, Drex aims to discover why he has no heartbeat and can’t eat breakfast without vomiting.
There is not much more to say than that really. The average Netflix score is 2.4 stars and if you read the reviews people either love it with 5 stars or hate it with 1 star. We’re going to give it 1.5 stars.

First Zombie appears- 1 mins 39 secs
First Bite – 11 min 37 secs