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ZombiesDrule Thinks

The last Zombie Film I watched was bad, so the next one I was going to review had to be good.ZMD- Zombies of Mass Destruction
I picked “ZMD- Zombies of Mass Destruction”, and it turned out to be not too bad…

This film is set on the island town of Port Gamble and the first bite is pretty quick into the movie, things then slow down on the zombie front. The film has a few main story lines that get tied together towards the end of the movie.

We have a gorgeous girl Frida, an American of Iranian descent who has a pretty rough time. To start with she has a fight with her dad, storms out and meets up with a guy. They smoke some pot and then she witnesses him getting his face being torn off.
Time to run away from the zombies… to then get tortured (in a somewhat humorous way) by an idiot neighbour. Oh and she has to shoot her father.

Tom and Lance are visiting the island to see Toms mum. The plan is for Tom to “come out”, when he finally plucks up the courage she has turned into a zombie.
Time to run away from the zombies and hide in a church. Once in the they both have to try to pretend to be straight to avoid being persecuted and converted by the church.

Thirdly we have the politicians and the church working hand in hand trying to deal with the zombie situation.
I must say this film actually manages to get some pretty good points across in a humorous way. Lets say it lives up to it’s tag line, “A Political Zomedy”

The timing of the gore (very good make up) and laughs are just about right to keep you watching. If you need a laugh and need to see some zombies then this could be the one for you?

Best Line: ” Dad, Haven’t you ever seen a Zombie Movie before?”, “Brian you know I’m a Vampire man, now get your head in the game for Christ’s sake”

Best Weapon: Garden Edge Trimmer

First Zombie appears – 51 secs
First Bite – 1 min 47 secs
Zombie Bite Count – 6
First Zombie Kill – 42min 44secs
Zombie Kill Count – 11+