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George R.Zombieman has infected Zombiesdrule…

George R.Zombieman has infected Zombiesdrule...

Zombiesdrule has been infected by George R. Zombieman, he has been emailing us and posting on our facebook page. So we thought we should give him a shout out before he starts banging on our door and trying to bite us…

George R. Zombieman  is a very lonely zombie puppet. But thanks to his ever-growing Facebook family, he has been able to develop friendships that don’t end in an ungodly bloodbath.
Only puppets can become zombie puppets. But still, they need our support. After all, zombie puppets are people too. Well… sorta.

I’m helping George get things in order for his support group and we should have it up and running shortly. There’s no financial obligation whatsoever, and it’s a very good cause. Stay tuned.

And remember the Zombie Puppets Anonymous mantra:
Helping You Learn How to Meet People, Not Eat People.

The Zombie Guy

The Zombie Guy
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