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Happy Birthday Shaun (Simon Pegg)

Happy Birthday Shaun


Today I would like to give a shout out to Simon Pegg as it’s his birthday, and this also gives me an excuse to re-post one of the first reviews we did here on Zombiesdrule. The film is  of course  Shaun of the Dead and brought Pegg worldwide fame.

You can read the review for Shaun of the Dead HERE >>


Shaun of the Dead wasn’t the first time Simon Pegg had a run in with zombies, in 1999 Pegg stared one of my favorite British TV series called Spaced. One of these episodes was called “Art” and was  the inspiration for creating Shaun of the Dead. You can see a clip below, but be warn you may get  hooked. Spaced also stars Nick Frost and was directed by Edgar Wright.

You can read the review for Spaced “Art” HERE >>

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