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Horror Shower Curtain & Bath Mat

Horror Shower Curtain & Bath Mat

Horror Movie Shower Curtain & Bath Mat

This is something my wife won’t let me have, so I had to give it away after I wrote this review.

  • Not because it’s not a well made shower curtain.
  • Not because it doesn’t keep the water where it should be.
  • Not because the bath mat is nice and soft on your bare toes.
  • Not because the bloody hand prints and bloody foot prints are really realistic.

Then why won’t she let you keep it I hear you ask, well it’s simple really. The only room we have to put it in is the bathroom my 18 month old daughter uses and apparently it’s “too scary”. Go figure…
The Shower Curtain and Bath Mat are two separate items, you can buy them separately to together together at ThinkGeek for $19.99 each

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