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I want to play a game. Do you?

Jigsaw Zombie

In the words of Jigsaw,”I want to play a game.” Unlike Jigsaw, I’ll give you a choice in the matter.  Over on the new official ZombiesDrule Facebook page – Zombies are Dead Cool we are playing some silly games. Things like:

Guess the Zombified celebrity –  A picture of a celebrity has been Zombifies using one of the main apps available, can you guess who the zombie used to be?

Guess the Zombie Movie –  I post an image and you guess what Zombie movie it is.

Zombie Hangman – Does this need explaining?

Is this Zombie Dead Cool? I’ll also be posting images of Zombies from Walks around the world, let people know if you think they are cool or not. If you have a picture you would like posted/judged by the readers send it to me and I’ll put it up.

Of course I’ll keep the news and reviews coming along with some cool give-a-ways.

The Zombie Guy

The Zombie Guy
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