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Left 4 Dead – DLC Cold Stream

Left 4 Dead - DLC Cold Stream

Do you remember Left 4 Dead? It’s been a while since I last played it as well and if you have been looking for a reason to brush up on your zombie killing skills I have one . Valve has finally announced that Cold Stream will be released on the 24th July.
Cold Stream is the much anticipated next downloadable content pack for Left 4 Dead 2, and will be available for PC, Mac and Xbox 360. For Xbox players, the content also includes the original Left 4 Dead’s Blood Harvest, Crash Course, Dead Air and Death Toll campaigns.
Cold Stream has been in beta since March 2011 and Valve says “there are some other surprises” that will be revealed later. The content will be released alongside a new update that makes all mutations available at all times. According to Valve, “this will allow players to choose to match into games playing Taannkk!, Gib Fest, or even a user created mutation like Confogl.”

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