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Livin’ With Steve – Animated Zombie Cartoon


Livin' With Steve - Animated Zombie Cartoon

I like cartoons and I like Zombies, Livin’ With Steve is the perfect blend of both. Created down in South Australia it looks like they have seven episodes planned so far to be released around about now. You can watch the pilot below and see some links below….

In Pine Falls, a secluded and usually peaceful town, multiple acts of dismemberment and cannibalism have been reported. Nate, an unemployed teenager, is too caught up in his own world to notice or even care. For Nate, a terrible tragedy is when he can’t find the time to hang out with his best friend Steve. Steve is a wise cracking, quick thinking, loyal friend- at least that’s how Nate sees it. The reality is that Steve a Zombie; a living corpse, infected by an infection that raises the dead, giving them an unquenchable desire to feed on human flesh. Despite his gruesome appearance and lack of social skills, the people of Pine Falls consider Steve to be nothing more than Nate’s handsome friend, until it’s too late.

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