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More UK Zombie Experiences

More UK Zombie Experiences

Last week I told you about  the ultimate zombie experience day in which you get to  fight zombies in an abandoned shopping mall! Well as it turns out there are two other zombie experiences you can have. One  is in a creepy old manor and the other is attacking a zombies lair. Loads more  information below along with the links.

Zombie Experiences: Everything you need to know

Thanks to video gaming technology, there is an entire generation whose happiest childhood memories revolve around the wholesale execution of hordes of shuffling, groaning, bitetastic Undead.

We at Wish like to make even the goriest dreams come true, and with our mega-popular Zombie Experiences, guilt-free slaughter has never felt so good.

At secret locations in Milton Keynes and Droitwich, you will be trained within an inch of your life (in about 30 minutes) to use an array of high-tech airsoft weaponry (i.e. air guns and blood balls) before being unleashed to face the Zombie Apocalypse! Save yourself from the certain humiliation of your friends claiming more kills than you.

Zombie Experience  £69.00
Learn zombie battle tactics, unarmed combat & sniper skills in three training missions.
Prepare for your final mission: assault on a known zombie lair.

Zombie Manor House £79.00 
Zombies have taken over a Cheshire manor house.
Clear the manor house in a 2-hour search and rescue.

Zombie Shopping Mall  £119.00
Battle the zombie menace in an abandoned shopping mall.
Movie-quality special effects & video game-style missions.

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