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More Zombie Cupcake news… Well Tattoo News

Zombie Cupcake news

While looking for images to go with the “A Zombie Ate My Cupcake” book review I came across a story about a lady named Emma. As you can see Emma got herself a  Zombie Cupcake Tattoo, she is crazy about cupcakes and has her own cupcake business “The Cupcake Emporium”

Emma plans to create a five cupcake series with a werewolf, a Dracula, a skeleton and a witch or Frankenstein on her lower back.  All in cupcake form of course!
If you know Emma, or you are Emma drop us an email…

This made me think maybe ZombiesDrule should have a Tattoo section under our Gallery Tab, so now we do.
So if you have a Zombie Tattoo or have just Tattooed a Zombie on someone why not send some photos in.

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