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What the Stats mean…

The stats are just for fun, please don’t go getting mad if you think we have miscounted or not got the time down to the second…

First Appears: This is when the first zombie, or part of zombie appears on the screen. It doesn’t matter if the watcher doesn’t know it’s a zombie, so even if it’s not confirmed for another 20 mins it that’s ok, as long as the story makes it clear that it was a zombie when we first saw it. Shadows don’t count, but reflections do.

First Bite: This is when the first zombie bite happens, not just someone eating an apple. We don’t have to see the teeth sinking into the flesh, we just need to know it happened,the victim screaming is ok, as is chomping sound effects and squirting blood.

First Kill: The first time we see a Zombie killed. Easy that one.

Number Bitten: Number of people bitten buy Zombies. Can be hard to keep track off, but we do are best.

Number Killed: Number of Zombies Killed. Even harder then number bitten, especially when one of the heroes goes on a rampage or someone drives a car through a horde of zombies. Again we just do our best.