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The Walking Dead – Season 2 – Video, Rumors and Stuff

The Walking Dead - Season 2 - Video, Rumors and Stuff

So what do we know about season 2 of  The Walking Dead?

1- Well firstly The Walking Dead Season 2 will be 13 episodes as opposed to the 6 episodes in the first season, so thats cool.
2- It will be airing in October 2011, or maybe not, there is a rumor it may be airing in July, 3 months earlier then we all expected.
3- Episode 1 of season 2 will continue where we left of at the end of season 1 and we will  be seeing  Hershel’s farm, which I assume means we will be meeting the characters who living there.
4- There is also a rumor we will see the prison, ZombiesDrule is guessing if it does show up it may be right at the end of  season 2, but we are just guessing.5- We are expecting Morgan and Duane to  meet back up the Rick and the crew.
6- Rick and Shane will probably disagree and shout at each other a lot.

We are just guessing most of this stuff, why not take a look at the video and see what the cast and creators of The Walking Dead think about what might be in store for them in Season 2.

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