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What To Do In A Zombie Attack!

What To Do In A Zombie Attack!

We have added two more videos to the Spoof Trailers and Sketches page. What To Do In A Zombie Attack and Zombies in Plain English, both can be found easily on you tube but we want to give them a shout out  because we like them. 

What To Do In A Zombie Attack. 
Like most zombie shorts this little film is low budget, all the zombies were volunteers who did their own costumes and makeup and the whole movie was filmed in one day.
Made to mimic a 1950s public service film a very well spoken narrator explains the “recommended by the government” way to fight off zombies during a zombie attack. 

You can watch  What To Do In A Zombie Attack HERE >>                             Or check out the official website HERE >>

Zombies in Plain English
We are not sure who made this video, it seems to be a promotional piece for commoncraft.com.
“Zombies in Plain English” is a satirical video created to celebrate Halloween and help protect your brain. The video focuses on surviving a zombie attack.  The video includes:Identifying zombies
Surviving an attack
Killing the UNdead
What to do in case of a zombie bite


You can watch  Zombies in Plain English  HERE >>

Or Check out the official website HERE >>

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