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Your Short Film on ZombiesDrule

Your Short Film on ZombiesDrule

Have you made a short film about zombies, or you do you know someone who is a budding director…?

That film could be on ZombiesDrule,  along with a review and interview.
The only rules are…

1-It has to be under 30 minutes in length.
2-It has to have zombies in it, or be about Zombies.
3-You must have the rights to the film so we can show it on

If we don’t feel the film is right for ZombiesDrule we will let you know.

Now spread the word like it’s a big old nasty Zombie outbreak….

The Zombie Guy

The Zombie Guy
The Zombie Guy or Zombie Steven has been working in the film industry for 18 years and likes zombies. He only has a few talents, but luckily for him and his readers, one of them is convincing people to help him work on this website.