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ZomBcon 2012 Cancelled

ZomBcon 2012 Cancelled


Here is some very sad news, ZomBcon 2012 has cancelled, the chances of it happening this year have always been slim but now it is official. Here from  www.zombcon.com is the reason.

To all of our undead ZomBconfans worldwide, it brings us sad news today on this holiday to officially announce our plans for a 2012 convention will not move forward.

After much hard work this past four months to find the proper financial support to pull the trigger on a 2012 convention to keep this great community undead, we must cancel plans for this year.

Over the past four months, our team’s goal was to identify industry sponsors and partners to secure enough funding to help us support the massive undertaking that had a enough dollars to budget to produce an international convention possible.

At this point in the year, we would have to sign contracts for our venues, hotel and most importantly, our media guests. Much of this event has been a great deal of hard work by our staff and volunteers with most of them not getting paid at all for this wonderful labor of love.

To this day, ZomBcon has failed to reach a profit, despite a great deal of success publicly this past two years with some of the biggest media guests to being rec0gnized by some of the world’s most prestigious media outlets to gracing the cover of Playboy.

At this point and time, our only means of potential revenue generated by ticket sales, it simply too risky for our producers to go forward with and keep this show going forward. Thus far, we have secured no sponsors and no private investors to offset our budgetary costs.

Our interest has and continues to be able to bring you a world class event to Seattle and make this an experience to cherish and enjoy for all ages. Given our set back last year, with lower ticket sales and a disappointing threat by a third party and former employee with no factual basis that eventually destroyed our Facebook page of over 8,000 fans severely damaging our promotional efforts three weeks out from the convention last October, we simply don’t have the support to commit to another year.

Our goal is to find the strength to return to the circuit in 2014 and as we have said before keep it in Seattle. Updates on fundraising events opportunities throughout the year and keep you updated on our Social Media fan pages on Twitter and Facebook.

We greatly appreciate all of the countless support from all of the wonderful people, exhibitors, media and wish that the news was otherwise, but there is just no easy way back for us to make this event happen in 2012.


The ZomBcon Staff 

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