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ZomBcon not Dead Yet

ZomBcon not Dead Yet

You may of been looking for ZomBcons Facebook page and wondered where it has gone, you may off heard the rumors that ZomBcon is to be no more.
The true is that like any good Zombie story there is a small battle going on and ZomBcon is fighting.

There is an official statement by ZomBcon Organizer and Founder, Ryan Reiter and you can still find them atwww.zomBcon.com or on Facebook  at there new address www.facebook.com/XomBcon

To Our Fellow ZomBcon Community,

I wanted to personally speak publicly about a very concerning matter that my team has been dealing with for the past four weeks by an “unnamed” entity that is claiming the ZOMBCON brand and company is their property, both intellectually and by company formation. I would like to finally speak publicly and set the record straight once and for all, as this “unnamed” person is threatening the livelihood and future of ZomBcon International.

It has come to our attention that there is some question about the state of the convention and it’s management or ownership.  As many of you know, our Facebook Community fan page was removed as of today, amidsts the stellar reviews and great success this past weekend.

Due to inaccurate and undocumented claims by a third party who will remained unnamed at this present time, there has been much confusion about this matter and I apologize, we were notified at the same time as you were.

The truth of the matter, amidst this unforeseen speed bump, nothing has changed in regards to the actual performance of this year’s convention, which was our biggest year yet with rave reviews.  Nor do we plan to make any further announcements to allude to this claim. It’s simply not true and we are currently working with our lawyers to rectify this third party claim.

As the president and founder of ZomBcon International, LLC and the RED WHITE AND DEAD Zombie walk, I feel the importance to bring attention to this communication between our audience and fan base, which has always been the key to our success in the past events.

This event was built by fans, for fans and nothing is more important to us then to provide an amazing experience for all parties involved. Our goal is to provide you accurate information and update you as the situation develops and look forward to keeping this great convention in Seattle for 2012.

It’s unfortunate and disappointing that a third party can make claims that have no factual documentation, nor been proven in a court of law that can jeopordize and threaten the very livelihood of this great convention, it’s community and those who have supported us in the past, present and future.

At the current time, our Facebook page has been removed until further notice and suggest that you check back at our official ZomBcon website for any updates and developments regarding this matter. This also includes any new and our announcements for 2012′s convention.

For the time being, please go to XOMBCON INTERNATIONAL to receive the information and updates and please feel free to update your changes to get your ZomBcon on!

I am very proud and stand behind this convention, both professionally and personally which has taken many months, hundreds of countless hours of work by our staff, volunteers and sponsors to ensure a premiere event for fans, exhibitors, special guests, and partners associated.

This letter is to assure you that all is as it should be.  The management of ZomBcon International is not now, nor has it ever been, in the process of changing and remains owned by myself, sole proprietor Ryan Reiter and organized by my great staff that many of you have had the pleasure of meeting last weekend.

Even if that were the case it would not effect the state of the convention at all, so as much as we appreciate your concerns, this has no factual basis and will continue to operate under our ownership, until further notice.

ZomBcon International 2011 was a great success and encourage you all to keep the energy and spirit alive and share it with your friends and amongst your own personal networks, until this gets resolved.

I greatly apologize for any concern or direct confusion based on the abrupt removal of Facebook may have caused.  Please continue to follow and get your news at the official website at www.zombcon.com and Twitter page @ZomBcon. You can also to contact us directly by email at infect@zombcon.com for the latest information or questions to the convention.

Like anything in life, expect the unexpected and in this case, a Zombie apocalypse. We greatly appreciate your patience, support and understanding while we put this matter behind us. Please spread the word and share with our fans, who we owe this great success to and confident that it will continue.


Ryan Reiter
ZomBcon International
President and Artistic Director

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