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Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold

Zombie Brain Gelatin MoldMuch like the Brain-Freeze Ice Cube Molds there really isn’t much you can say about Zombie Brain Gelatin Molds other they are molds for making Gelatin into the shape of brains.

This time bigger and closer to real brain size they can add a fun tasty treat to any zombie party.It even comes with instructions for making the perfect “brain” material included, which means if your buying this and you have no brains to start with you can still make a brain, so you don’t need to stress your brain too much. Oh my brain hurts…What would be nice is a right side of the brain to go with the left, but at $ 6.95 who really cares? Now pass me that brain….mmmmmmmm

You can buy Zombie Brain Gelatin Molds at ThinkGeek for only $6.99 >>

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