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Zombie Dawn – Movie and Graphic Novel

Zombie Dawn - Movie and Graphic Novel

Zombie Dawn is a film that we have not had a chance  to see yet as it’s not yet out in North America ( due to be released 20th April 2012) . First time directors Cristian Toledo and Lucio A. Rojas have already been winning awards, the most recent being at the Zixion Sars film festival in Chile.  Zombie Dawn  has also received praise for its Hollywood “look”  even though this  feature film was produced with a micro budget.
It looks like by the time Zombie Dawn is released we will have a Comic Book to read in the theater while waiting for the movie to start!
Today Eagle One Media  announced that comic book industry veterans David A. Rodriguez (Finding Gossamyr ,  Starkweather) and Dheeraj Verma (Nightmare on Elm Street, Escape of the Living Dead) will team up to create and craft a comic book tale based on Zombie Dawn.

The comic book will be titled ZOMBIE DAWN: Safehouse and will feature a prequel story that ties-in to the events of the film and will be bilingual in English and Spanish. The comic will be marketed along side the theatrical release of the zombie horror feature. Cover art will be provided by Patrick McEvoy (Marvel Style Guide, Fall of Cthulhu) and Lee Moder (Red Sonja, Highlander)

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Film Premise:
The year 2006. A mysterious incident at a remote mining facility unleashes a zombie horde with an appetite for human flesh. It decimates large portions of the cities and countryside. The only course of action is to rapidly enclose the infected areas and seal them off from the rest of the remaining, living population. Now, 15 years later the tattered remains of the government and the mining corporation responsible where the initial event took place commit themselves to finding out what may have happened at the mining complex. The solution is to covertly send in a group of mercenaries and scientists into the quarantined zone to find answers.

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