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Zombie Killing Slingshots

Slingshot Channel

The Slingshot Channel is a place zombiesdrule like to check out every now and again because they have some really cool (you guessed it) Slingshots. They also seem to build a lot of them with one thing in mind….killing zombies. Below are two of our most recent favorites,  RTZAS (Roof Top Zombie Annihilation Slingshot) and the Pump Action Slingshot Crossbow.


RTZAS (Roof Top Zombie Annihilation Slingshot)

The scenario: The shooter is standing safely on a rooftop, and fires down at approaching Zombies – until the area has been cleared.Zombie Killing Slingshots

This time, I tested a specifically designed monster slingshot against a 40mm (1,57″) particle board. Even a carpenter’s hammer, brought down with full force, can not punch a hole in this thick piece of wood.

Regular slingshots have no chance against the board – not even a Hand Howitzer shot in full butterfly.

But the RTZAS (Roof Top Zombie Annihilation Slingshot) gives you 3,70 meters draw length – more than 11 ft. This is enough to punch a huge hole into the board, with an enormous exit funnel! The weapon is no doubts more than strong enough to smash a Zombie skull.

The video also shows the aiming procedure and the accuracy of the weapon.

This may be the strongest portable hand operated slingshot ever built!

From the slingshotchannel.com >>


Pump Action Slingshot


This time, The Slingshot Channel brings to you a truly revolutionary new weapon. A repeating slingshot crossbow that fires 20mm steel balls!

The weapon can be loaded with 20 “rounds” within just a few seconds. Then, a simple racking action feeds a round into the chamber and cocks the bands.

The weapon is used here to smash eight glass bottles, which is done in one uncut passage with just six shots.

A “The Slingshot Channel” production!

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