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Red Fog has made it, congratulations to everyone who is taking part in this.
It has been funded to $8,780 and there are still 4 days left. We will be talking to Chris Williams in the new year, until then here is a message from Chris Williams posted up on Kickstarter.
                                                                     ZOMBIE VICTORY!!

Backers!! You’ve done it! You’ve raised our zombie army and made Red Fog a living, breathing graphic novel! Thank you so much! It’s going to be great!!

To anyone who might still be interested in pledging, we’d love to finish strong! Every cent we raise will be reinvested back into the book. So please keep sending our link around to your networks in whatever form possible.

Congratulations to Shyam Ramchandani! His pledge put us over the top, and that won him a print reward of his choosing! But guess what? Whoever puts us over the $9000 barrier will also earn a print reward. Keep checking the total, and if you time it right, and extra $5 to your pledge might get you and amazing print for your wall.

You can watch a video, check out the progress and if interested make a pledge at Kickstarter.com

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