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Zombieland Episode 01 – Pilot


Ok so lets talk about the Amazon produced pilot for the “Zombieland” series.

It’s out there for all to see, for Free. So there really is no need for me to write this review, but I will.

The pilot starts off where the movie ends, with a little recap of the rules for those that haven’t seen the movie .The characters are the same but played by different actors, and it’s continues with the same style of humour as the movie that it’s based on.

I don’t want to give the plot away, but I can say that it’s starts in Los Angeles and the group decides to find others survivors. There are also some flash backs to help flesh the characters out a little more and fill in some blanks from the movie. The acting is ok, it was hard for me to stop thinking, “Thats not how Woody Harrelson would of done it”,  but after a few episodes I think that thought would go away. The effects are not The Walking Dead kind of gross, but still good and gory.

I was not a huge fan of the Zombieland film, I’m more of a Shaun of the Dead kind of guy (imagine if they made that as a TV series) but I would still like to see this go a full run.  You can never have too many Zombies……well on TV, out in the street maybe a little different.

Now follow this link and check out the Zombieland Pilot in HD

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