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ZombieRater.com – Their rate is in your hands

ZombieRater.com - Their rate is in your hands

Zombie fans put a lot of time and effort into becoming zombies, this is their chance to show the world and find out what the world thinks. ZombieRater is a “saferoom” where people can rate these photos of zombies without the worry of getting bitten.
There are currently around 200 ratable photos  with more coming soon. If you would like your photos of zombies on ZombieRater all you have to do is send them in, this can be done in a number of ways –

1- Visit www.zombierater.com, click the submit info button and upload your photo and info.
2- If you have many photos you would like featured, drop me an email at zombierater@zombiesdrule.com
3- Using the iPhone app ZombieFeed (Coming Soon) Capture a picture of that zombie/zombies on your phone, open ZombieFeed, click the  “Whisper” button under the more tab, select that zombie picture, write a little something and send it in.

If you like what you see then why not spread the news about ZombieRater by using the share buttons….


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